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Asiana Airlines

Reckoned amongst the two major airlines of South Korea along with Korean Air, Asiana Airlines (OZ) was founded in 1988. Asiana Airlines has its international hub at the Incheon International Airport while the Gimpo International Airport is its domestic hub. With a fleet size of more than 81 aircrafts, the airline offers scheduled flights to more than 65 cities worldwide. Some of the major destinations covered by the airline include London, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul, Delhi, Manila and many more. The airline is a also a member of the Star Alliance.

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Classes of Service

Asiana Airlines offer five classes of service: First Suite Class, First Class, Business Smartium Class, Business Class and Economy Class.

First Suite Class: – Customers traveling with this class enjoy individual minibars, 210cm long full flat bed, two door seats with exclusive space, an optimal lighting system for determining the best mood. Power plugs are also provided to simplify the usage of electronic devices.

First Class:– For a premium in-flight experience, the First Class is equipped with 180-degree bed type seats, individual partitions for privacy, on-demand entertainment and a Travelers kit.

Business Smartium Class: – Clients enjoy a full flat bed seat, dedicated space, easy aisle access, audio/video on-demand and personal power and USB Ports. Unique Korean meals, premium champagnes and a diverse choice of wine are served on-board.

Business Class: – Fly in comfort on the 167-degree bed-type seats, wide space between rows, partitions for privacy and diverse snack options.

Economy Class – When flying with Asiana Airlines, get all geared to get entertained while on-board. Choose from a great selection of music, movies and games with the Audio/Video on-demand system. Highly nutritious Korean Dishes and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages are also served on-board.

The coupons of Asiana Airlines

The coupons of Asiana Airlines
The coupons of Asiana Airlines

Asiana Airlines Deals Starting from $782.85

  • Honolulu to $782.85
  • Honolulu to $852.04
  • San Francisco to $884.16
  • Seattle to $898.66
  • Seattle to $903.68
  • Honolulu to $998.18
  • Seattle to $1007.16
  • New York City to $1192.68
  • Chicago to $1227.68
  • Seattle to $1260.23